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DX Radio

Oct 19, 2020

The Climate Corporation is dedicated to creating technologies that transform field data into meaningful insights to help farmers sustainably enhance yield potential, improve efficiency, and manage their risk. Learn how their organization has learned to optimize resources and maximize yield with a database that performs at scale with sophisticated queries on large volumes of data, by partnering with Micro Focus.


Guest: Daniel McCaffrey is vice president of data and analytics at The Climate Corporation, where he is focused on building an analytics platform to generate product insight that help deliver the best agriculture data products and user experience.


Guest: Erich Hochmuth is the lead big data architect and engineer at The Climate Corporation. He brings together diverse data sets such as weather, machine sensor data, and satellite imagery. This set of digital tools allows the company to run analysis over trillions of datapoints across space and time.


Host: Paige Roberts is an open source relations manager for Vertica. With two decades in data management, she promotes the understanding of Vertica, MPP data processing, open source, high scale data engineering, and how the analytics revolution is transforming the world.